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But before we get to those, here are a few of the sneaky intruders that you should be on the lookout for in your favorite organic lotions and shampoos:1.) Parabens – An extremely common preservative that has been shown to disrupt estrogen production and has also been detected in malignant tumors.

2.) Phthalates – Usually hidden under the word “fragrance”, a known hormone disruptor linked to reproductive defects 3.) Benzoyl Peroxide – Known skin and eye irritant; linked to the promotion of tumor growth. Below are some time-tested beauty formulas that are easy to make and extremely beneficial for the skin and hair.

Once I got back to California, I began looking at the contents of some of Michelle’s products and was pleasantly stunned to see that most of the active ingredients are not new.

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When I open the medicine cabinet in our bathroom, what I see is mesmerizing.

A sad state of affairs that will hopefully change soon, because the chemicals that these major natural brands are sneaking into their stuff are not good.

Inspired by this apparent blind spot in the beauty industry, we did a bunch of digging and found some effective and fun ancient beauty formulas that you can make at home.

Today customer service is considered as the most important segment of any business to touch the taste of success.

However, banks that are considered as one of the biggest service providers in the world are actually struggling in providing On this article you will find 4 simple ways that you can create an/or improve content for mobile websites, which drive in a lot of visitors.

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