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My own sense is that the changes in the sexual behavior of millennials are less dramatic and more positive.This generation is hardly embracing celibacy in significant numbers.You get the it."The 'just sex' script are both sort of very palpably present, and they have a really hard time knowing which one they're supposed to be using with the other person, which one the other person is using, and when it might flip on them," Wade says."One of my students said she felt like there was no ground beneath her feet.Many worry about the emergence of a generation that fears the physical and emotional risks of sexual entanglements.Could we be headed for the world once described by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, where people have become so accustomed to interacting with other humans only over their devices that robots must arrange reproduction to avoid extinction?Still, they face an unprecedented romantic and sexual challenge.

(This is more than double the percentage for those born the 1960s; only 6 percent of them reported being sexually inactive at that age.) Explanations abound.

It's just gotten more confusing."Wade explains that in this new context and new form of communication, it’s a safer bet to go with the “just sex” script, because you won’t look desperate, and you’ll avoid rejection by not wanting anything more than to get all up in her panties.

"So, with everybody defaulting to using the 'just sex' script, or ready at a moment's notice to flip over to the 'just sex' script to deny vulnerability, then that's not gonna be very rewarding, because it requires them to pretend like they don't care about anybody."People may actually care about each other and want romance, or they might not, but everyone is kind of having to perform this disinterest."Long story short, the problem here is that millennials feel like they need to act like they don’t care about anybody, and they act like they don’t want to But here’s the catch – even though they act like they don’t give a single fuck about emotional connections, they actually do. A lot of young people are, in fact, looking for fulfilling relationships with potential life partners.

The answer as to why is still a mystery, even to experts, but Dr.

Wade has a theory."What has definitely changed is the frame for the sexual activity," Wade says, explaining that the umbrella term “date” has a different meaning now than it did in generations past.

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