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The answer as to why is still a mystery, even to experts, but Dr.

Wade has a theory."What has definitely changed is the frame for the sexual activity," Wade says, explaining that the umbrella term “date” has a different meaning now than it did in generations past.

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At the same time, most millennials have never been the sexual players portrayed in the media, nor were the Gen-Xers.

Simply put, in previous generations, when two people went out on a date, nine times out of ten it meant that they were seeking a romantic relationship that they hoped would lead to marriage.

Now, though, it’s very, To illustrate, a “date” in 2017 can simply mean going to a bar together, getting obliterated, calling her by the wrong name all night, proceeding to have terrible Tinder sex, and then never speaking again.

In the first two decades of this century, anxiety shifted to the college hookup scene and the emergence of dating apps to facilitate casual sex.

Recently, however, a new concern has surfaced, with the finding that young adults, those age 20 to 24, are now having less sex than Gen-Xers or baby boomers born in the 1960s did at the same age.

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