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My company (specifically the HR department) is now saying that as we are a married couple we can only have reimbursement for one parking pass.

I reemphasized that I wanted my own pass and pointed out that we have schedules that sometimes vary by multiple hours.

Further, others in the office have told me that they have been reprimanded in their reviews for trying to apply to other positions within the college, which is by all means legal.

On one hand, I feel like telling my boss may give me a little leverage, but on the other hand, I feel like it may cause resentment. You can’t really use a job you didn’t get as leverage.

The phone interview was not scheduled, and he was calling in the middle of the work day from a blocked number, so I’m not sure how he expected them to call him back.

He said that 10 people he had already called hadn’t answered their phone or called him back, which meant they were out of the running completely.My understanding is that this is part of the benefits package offered to all employees, and I don’t want to miss out on something I understood to be part of the compensation package simply because of my marital status.Since I won’t be driving to work with Bob, I do need my own pass, just like any other employee would.” Present “we won’t be driving to work together” as an unalterable fact — regardless of any schedule changes they offer — and see where that gets you. Should I tell my boss I was a finalist for a better-paying job?Both buildings are in the downtown area of our city where parking is prohibitively expensive.The company offers reimbursement for a parking space in local parking garages that brings the cost down to about a quarter from 0 a quarter. I have not been bashful about saying this to anyone who asks. I also don’t want the responsibility and stress of waking him up and keeping him on task.

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