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Ted Wachholz, the organisation's executive director said: 'The film footage . Caroline Homolka, 17, was among the victims of the Eastland sinking.She and her brother Joe both worked for Western Electric and were getting ready to attend the picnic and decided to go separately with their own friends.On the morning of July 24, 1915 the SS Eastland capsized while it was still docked in around 20ft of water.Many of the victims were children and teenagers, who drowned while wearing their Sunday best.

A three-fingered mummified body has been reportedly found in Nazca, Peru, with video of the purported body appearing on You Tube.

However, researchers have expressed doubt about the discovery, with some calling it a "hoax." According to website Gaia, the body, which stands 5'6" tall and appears to look like a human, has three long fingers, an elongated skull and does not have ears or a nose.

In a Gaia You Tube video, Professor Konstantin Korotkov of Saint Petersburg University in Russia described the body as belonging to "another creature, another humanoid." "We're going to let you know if it's human, if it's non-human," said a Gaia representative, in the video.

This is a digger, a big strong man, he'll dig," the auctioneer, who is dressed in camouflage gear, is heard saying.

The men were sold for as little as £300, the US broadcaster reported.

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