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When your arms are crossed, that is an immediate show of defense.

Tuning in to the other person's nonverbal language requires being present. Artful Greetings and Courteous Behavior In this town, every relationship is based on connections. Men and women are presumably equal in the workplace, so there is no such thing as chivalrous behavior.

If we were talking about a dating workshop, absolutely, chivalrous behavior is a necessity.

But in the workplace, because men and women are theoretically on an equal playing field, men do not have to hold the door open just to let a lady walk through.

We have Uber nowadays, so we need to think twice before offering somebody a ride home. Social Networking In the digital age, we are all under surveillance constantly, so the same rules of etiquette apply electronically as they do in your face-to-face conversations.

And it doesn't have to be uncomfortable to decline, just say, "No, thank you, I have already called an Uber," even if you haven't. People need to realize that "privacy" no longer exists for anybody.

If you're meeting somebody European who prefers to kiss, it is right cheek first, then the left, and really just an air kiss — your mouth should never touch their face.

Omit foul language and things like yelling in the workplace — that's not allowed anymore and needs to be put in check.Our nonverbal cues make up the other 65 percent of our communication.Our facial expressions, arm gestures and stance communicate a message.If you want to post articles that have to do with work, something complimentary about another person, or something that is benign such as the holidays, great. Don't put it all out there on social media like our president.We can no longer look to the very top for these kinds of lessons.

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