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Excavated building inscriptions at Byblos of "I am Yehawmilk, King of Byblos, whom the Mistress, the Lady of Byblos, made King over Byblos...

In Phoenicia, Venus was known as "Shaher", and the evening star "Shalem", born from Asherah in her womb aspect as Helel "the Pit"."our current organized system is reproduced from Mother Nature, with the observation of these great astronomical regulations giving man not only the model for the introduction of order into his own life, but the very first clues about how to do it."Multitudes of people in antiquity regarded her as the Queen of Heaven, alongside that of a Mother Earth incorporating all the physical elements from which everything was produced.In Rome, writers such as Apuleius adjudged her simply as the Mother of the Gods.by the days of the Minoan civilization (30001100 BC), the religion still continued to manifest the matriarchal period of social progress.Clearly the Goddess was supreme.." The collapse of the fertility goddess concluded roughly after the fall of the Roman Empire via the succession of Judeo-Christianity in the fourth century AD, of which reform then included the systematization for the ransacking and closure of all temples throughout Europe and the Middle East on an unprecedented scale.

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