Emotional effects of dating parents

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When my social worker told me that she'd found a little boy they thought would be a good fit for my family, the social worker didn’t describe my son accurately.We were told that he had no behavioral problems or significant mental health symptoms.

Because he lacked much of the guidance any child needs to thrive early on in life (meaning, the first few years), he craves attention, physical affection, and visual mirroring. I’ll give you an example: “Will you watch me play with my car? It’s a major strength in my son that he is so aware of some of his most primitive needs, and it’s an added strength that he verbally asserts himself.

When you are a working adult without kids, you have the ability to come home after work and unwind.

When you work and come home to kids, there’s always work to do.

A little background: My son was two years old when he was taken away from his mother, and the last day he was in her care, she broke his arm while high on methamphetamine.

For the next year or so, he lived in a foster home until he found the last stop on the train: adoption by my partner and me two years ago.

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