Digital dating experimentation

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In the perspective of man-women dynamic, natural and traditional individual interact with the purpose to find someone for a relation; if online, they will be the ones to push for an encounter with the most promising candidate, after a reasonable, natural growth of interest, in which each action has a spontaneous, reciprocal purpose to escalate, and with the orientation to reach also sex as part of this interaction - because their biologic and healthy goal is a full-fledged relation, where one quality person is valued in his fullness (personal, physical, material).

An artificial narcissist who is searching exploitable admirers, instead, will not focus on the the high quality of anyone, but will look for quantity of easy instruments to use.

There is also further proof of the superficial consecration of social media for official politics.Traditional individuals visit a museum because they value the appreciation of the artwork contained inside.Narcissists instead go in the exhibition that is most advertised, when there is the most public, with the purpose to be seen in the crowd and in tabloid footage.Commercial Dynamics of Idolatry and Industrialized Mythology of Narcissism, based on the Virtual Synthetic Persona eroding the Traditional Interpersonal Interactions, in the Atomized Americentric Era of Prosumer Digital Broadcasting and Glocal Multimedia Soc Nets.The plastic wrapping (with wifi connectivity) on the (old protestant work-ethic) iron cage.

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