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The narcissist will instead delay, deny, omit, ignore, on purpose or for tiredness, and in general to keep the artificial vertical distance she wants, in order to be desired, chased, idolized and auctioned by desperate admirers, who are never meant to be considered worthy of her level, and deserving priority, but rather instrumental for her ascension and ranking, and to be kept all at the same instrumental distance, as collectibles.

The narcissist lives chained on the golden throne of digital admiration and obsessed by the electronic mirages of the American Dream (or Dubai copycat); they will be busy in admiring, perfecting and promoting the serialized, ritualized repetition at the highest speed of these superficial behaviors that brought them the most pleasant dose of strongest drugs.

Politics are often already mocked and vilified by corruption, incompetence, mediocrity and hypocrisy of many administrators.

Moving in the social media the political arena AND the ballot system would lower the level of respect and sense of importance of legislation and government even more, in the attempt to move it "closer to the people".-Technical unreliability.

While this may make it harder (but not impossible) to alter the results of elections via hacking and fraud, it is also an evident progress in the attempt to control, monitor, spy and restrict people behaviors via technology (steadily under NATO / EU / USA supervision), with the pretext of the cool tech novelties.

There is also further proof of the superficial consecration of social media for official politics.

We've young people who specialized in extremely specific routines to get what they want - an example is night club interaction to get drinks or to get sex.

Once a foreign superpower can control its elections, censoring contents or altering outcome if so wished, it is the ultimate proof of its vassalage.-Public priority.If you move political elections on a US-based social network, you gave the ultimate consent to the feeling that the beautiful idols are meant to be queens and kings, and that beautiful people are also ideal leaders and perfect guides.It will be the ultimate encouragement to obey the abuses of the charming and to serve the selfishness of the fascinating (and the strongest incentive to elect them in office).-Extra mass surveillance.We've many examples in many countries, but in Italy, USA, Baltic countries and Ukraine we've fantastic cases - Meerilo, Minetti, Palin to name few of people (mostly women) elected for their looks and fame, and who tend to rule by propaganda and by special effects to impress the audience rather than with competence and with seriousness for improving the country.I cannot forget the pageant-looking conservative candidate for European Parliament presented for a Baltic country right-wing party who said "unfortunately we cannot yet do the elections on Facebook, but of course everyone hopes it will be soon possible". And it is unbelievable as level of superficial ignorance and dangerous mentality. It is worth to briefly notice why suggesting "political elections on Facebook" is harmful absurdity that embodies perfectly the narcissistic idolatry sickdom we're denouncing; and it i also worth to briefly discuss why a candidate to important political roles who proposes it is alarming, concerning, ignorant and superficial.

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    One of the areas where they took up residence was the Swabian Jura in southern Germany.

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