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The difference between domestic violence and assault in Lubbock is significant in that the penalties for domestic violence are much higher and the future implications of a conviction can be much more serious for one’s family life.

While many may consider these acts to be the same crime, the way that the law views these different charges could potentially affect an individual in drastically different ways.

The most common but less injurious form of intimate partner violence is situational couple violence (also known as situational violence), which is conducted by individuals of both genders nearly equally, Intimate partner violence occurs between two people in an intimate relationship.

It may occur between heterosexual or homosexual couples and victims can be male or female.

Couples may be dating, cohabiting or married and violence can occur in or outside of the home.

Women are more likely to act violently in retaliation or self-defense and tend to engage in less severe forms of violence than men whereas men are more likely to commit long-term cycles of abuse than women.

This relationship is broadly defined, and could potentially include a member of one’s immediate or extended family, someone whom an individual is in a dating or ongoing relationship with, or a household member.

In addition, local attorneys know the judges and the local court system and have developed trust with those parties that can go a long way in helping the case resolve smoothly.If any of those kinds of assault occur in the context of a domestic relationship, then the domestic relationship can be interfered with by the state.The benefit of having a local lawyer is that they will know how events take place in that jurisdiction.Another detail that raises possible punishment is the cutting off of someone’s airway, such as in a choking or grappling situation.If someone uses a deadly weapon, then the bar on the range of punishment is going to rise even higher.

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