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Alina Kabaeva Biography.- 30-year-old Alina Kabaeva was born Alina Maratovna Kabaeva on May 12th, 1983 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Russia to Lyubov Kabaeva a Russian basketball player and Marat Kabaev, an ethnic Tatar, was a professional footballer with the team Pahtakor. Alina’s road into gymnastics began when she was just a 3-year-old girl, her mother wanted for her to b involved in ice skating or rhythmic gymnastics, eventually she settled on Gymnastic under the training of coaches Anelia Malkina and Lyudmila Nikitina.When Alina was 12, her mother decided that for her daughter to become a better gymnast it was necessary to look for a better training in Moscow, so they looked for Irina Viner – the chief coach of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics where Alina began her training for better heights.Conner, an American gymnast, had kissed the 14-year-old Comaneci after both won at the American Cup International meet in New York City.“After the meet, we stood together and raised these big silver cups,” Conner told in 1995.Only because of all of you, I’ve broken my rule of never paying attention to gossip.Let’s not forget Alina was romantically involved with the militia captain who moved to Moscow from Georgia in 1996 to apply for a post-graduate course of the Moscow Institute of Law, Shalva a former boxer holds degrees – athletic and legal.Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci captured hearts across the globe after her history-making perfect 10 in the 1976 Montreal Games, which landed her on the cover of TIME.

’ I did, and it ran in the paper the next day.” (VIDEO: The U. Team’s Only Rhythmic Gymnast) It took 14 years and a harrowing escape from communist Romania for Comaneci and Conner to meet again, but the two finally began dating after Comaneci took a room in Conner’s Oklahoma home.The story was published on April 12, 2008 both denied the allegations Putin said there is not a single word of truth in that story, Alina’s rep called the story nonsense and by October 29, 2008 the Moskovsky Korrespondent was closed on financial grounds, nobody talked a thing about it until the following year when on December, 2009 Alina gave birth to her son Dmitri, many believed the boy’s father is Putin, but Alina denied it.Alina also denied that had given birth to a boy or any child whatsoever.. It is never been my habit to comment on rumours, but I’ve decided to make an exception because I can’t let so many warm words and good wishes go unanswered…On this page I promised to tell you about the most important events in my life and about my family.In 2006 she was the winner of the national award Woman of the Year “Glamour”.Kabaeva was elected deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation of the party, United Russia on 2 December 2007.

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