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A Whiting & Davis dimple mesh minaudiere in Shape, December 2012. By 1912 a machine is invented to automate the mesh making process.In 1876, Wade Davis & Company, the precursor to Whiting & Davis, is founded by William H. Charles Whiting joins the company in 1880 at age 16 and swiftly moves up the ranks to management. Davis form a partnership and raise the money to purchase the company, renaming it The Whiting & Davis Company.1950s Jane Russell wears a sleek dress of Whiting & Davis mesh, weighing a purported 21 pounds, while romancing Robert Mitchum in the 1952 movie Macao.1960s Whiting & Davis embraces the Mod Era with simpler styles and clean lines. Whiting’s “soft, sensuous and slithery handbags,” halter tops and dresses are the perfect glittering accessories for a decade spent writhing under disco balls to Donna Summer and ABBA.

TODAY Whiting & Davis remains the recognized leader in metal mesh handbags more than 120 years after its first mesh handbag was produced and continues to attract discerning fans, including actresses, musicians (and you!By the end of the ‘20s, flat Armor mesh painted in bold Deco designs and Dresden mesh, with its tiny rings silkscreened by hand in dreamy Impressionistic shades, take center stage.1930s The 1930s bring high-profile collaborations with iconic designers Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli, while Whiting & Davis’ famed creations continue to turn up in the hands of stage and screen actresses of the era. The renowned and prolific Elsa Schiaparelli designs for Whiting & Davis in the mid 30s, introducing several new, more modern shapes to the line.Admire our unique designs as they bring out the best in this remarkable material.See how functionality still stays top of mind with adjustable straps and convenient interior pockets. Whiting designs the first mesh bag, with all rings formed and joined by hand.

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