Dating spots in the bronx

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Covering 28 acres and being recognized as Bronx's cultural center, the Wave Hill has plenty of gardens and greenhouses in which the visitor could stroll.

The shop sells hand-crafted gifts, and it also has a cafe.

Singles in The Bronx have so much to do, but it can be hard to meet the right person to do it all with.

We definitely march to our own drum here, and Bronxites know we have the very best of NYC right here: The Yankees, the real Little Italy, the best pizza (we're lookin' at you, Louie & Ernie's), and the biggest and best park in NYC.

Linger over a hot meal, or grab a quick salad or sandwich before exploring more of the grounds.

• Sunday Brunch - The Mott Haven Bar & Grill earned its reputation with its top-shelf bar and outstanding dinners like steaks and chops, but it's also a superb brunch destination!

Orchard Beach is a 115 acre beach originally nicknamed 'The Riviera of New York.' The beach spans 1.1 miles and features a hexagonal promenade, central pavilion, food carts and snack bars, playgrounds, and picnic areas.Although New York City is filled with extraordinary dining and extravagant gifts, our natural settings still reign supreme as romantic spots.In any given park, you will often find New Yorkers hand-in-hand (or, sometimes, lip-to-lip).Wave Hill Watch the sun set over the Palisades or visit one of the most impressive arboretums in New York City.Orchard Beach A romantic walk on the rocky shoreline of Hunter Island will transport you to the coast of Old New England.

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