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Putting aside whether the cards are ethical — that is, should family members and friends of cops get a motor-vehicle hall pass? Here’s how it works: In most towns, each PBA member gets 10 cards to sign and distribute.

— I’ve always wondered: Do these things actually work? When pulled over for a minor motor vehicle offense, the cardholder has the option to show it to an officer, who then decides whether to honor it.

They think these people out there are junkies and drug addicts, which they’re not.So, I pressed some police officers I know: “Do they? Into that decision go several factors: • Is the town that issued the card nearby?(A Bloomfield cop might not honor an Egg Harbor Township card.) • Is there a feud between the department that issued your card and the one about to ticket you? So, PBA members are more likely to honor a PBA card; FOP cops prize FOP cards more highly.People become addicted to drugs such as Oxy Contin, Percocet and Vicodin while being treated for a medical condition and then seek out more pills — or heroin — on the street when their prescription runs out.“This problem of addiction truly does start in the medicine cabinet,” Russ Baer, a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, tells PEOPLE.“It starts with the misuse and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers.”What addiction is not, according to one retired police commander, is “a character flaw.”Stop the Heroin co-founder Bill Schmincke." data-reactid="31"The death rate from overdoses of heroin and prescription painkillers has more than quadrupled since 1999, prompting thousands of Americans to take action, including Philadelphia librarian Chera Kowalski and Stop the Heroin co-founder Bill Schmincke.

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    “We knew we needed the show,” Ostroff (currently president of Condé Nast Entertainment) said. You have to really hit something that’s in the zeitgeist, or really going to matter to people in a way that becomes an emotional connection.

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