Dating during divorce kids

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Problem #1 – What to do with the house A couple buys a home during the marriage and uses separate property to make the down payment and community property to pay the mortgage, property tax, and home improvement costs.

The couple must decide how to divide the separate and community property interests in the house during the divorce.

For example, at the outset of a divorce it may seem most desirable to defer the sale of the home until the children are grown.

Months later, after accurately assessing a couple’s finances, it may be impractical and too costly to keep the home thereby making an immediate sale of the home the best solution. Only you can decide, but these suggestions may help you find the answer.

Possible solutions include: Problem #2 – Establishing spousal support A couple is divorcing and wish to determine the amount, duration, and other terms of spousal support.

It is also a necessary step to file for an uncontested divorce in some states.

They vary widely, and any number of solutions may resolve a single problem.

Here are common problems people face when dividing assets, establishing spousal support, and determining child custody in California divorces, and a variety of solutions my clients have used over the years.

Should You Reconcile - Looking at your options before you get back together.

How Men Handle Divorce - This article discusses some common reactions that men exhibit when faced with the news that their spouse is leaving and what to do if he freaks out when as a result.

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