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However convinced that perhaps the video could help inspire others, Madison eventually came around and it was finally posted to You Tube on Jan. Since then it has been seen millions of times around the world and the response has been overwhelming.“We’re getting a lot of feedback through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram connecting with other families with children who have Down syndrome who are incredibly impressed, some of them asking for information related to what kind of therapy Madison has had and how is it that her speech is so great and that she can sing,” Matt said.“We’ve seen some other inspiring stories of another boy with Down syndrome who did a triathlon.And that’s just within the first few days of this video being out there.” Grace adds that Madison’s video has given hope to families around the world who worry about what limitations their kids might have.But that wasn’t stopping Tevlin, who says she loves music. My dad and my mom always hear me, every single day singing,” said Tevlin, who calls midtown Toronto home. They told me that I was so loud that I had to take singing lessons.” Her parents laugh and confirm they decided that if the family was going to be treated to regular serenades, they may as well get the best performance possible.So they decided to send Madison for singing lessons about a year ago.

When she's not making John legend cover videos, she loves bopping out to Ariana Grande, Hozier, Taylor Swift and One Direction.She adds that she hopes that passion has helped others gain a little more insight into people who are different.“I hope that people look at people with differences, not only Down syndrome, with a little more of an open mind,” Grace says.She spoke to CP24from Florida where she was on vacation with her dad, Matt. “The first day we posted it we got some comments from our friends, we got some beautiful feedback from them.“There were about a thousand hits the first day and then it doubled the second day.

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