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Following stereotyped patterns for our economic growth just does not work on relationships.

However women are described as shallow because they pick a man based on his wealth, his stability and security to provide for her and her family.As for those unconvinced and leaving to fate, try fishing using a simple rod and leaving it to fate. The skilled deep sea fishermen with trawlers will have a better day when fate gives them the chance for a bountiful harvest.Fate can give you the fish, but it will still slip away because of inexperience. To the more conservative, casting a big fishing net does not mean being flirtatious but it means being more adept at talking to men by being more sensitive to their pride and ego.Some people leave it to fate, however reality can be harsh because of the quick judgement we make on people based on stereotyped thinking, i.e.he looks quiet, maybe he has an inferiority complex, definitely not an alpha male or he looks very outspoken, too friendly, potentially a stalker.

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