Dating analogies

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However, try casting a big fish net and you will open your world of possibilities with so many choices. Singaporeans probably lost the ability to fish as we evolve to a financial and manufacturing hub.

As for Japan, they are still fishing a lot both literally and in relationships.

It is an art itself or social etiquette, which women in graceful and developed societies have.

Of course, Singapore has a lot to learn from these developed societies, however there are always exceptions.

Among ladies, being pretty means being an eyesore because of jealousy but having style wins you respect within your gender.

Finally, put style aside and the key thing to look for is still chemistry when it comes to love and relationships.

he looks quiet, maybe he has an inferiority complex, definitely not an alpha male or he looks very outspoken, too friendly, potentially a stalker.Most men are used to being labelled as shallow when it comes to picking a woman based on appearance.However women are described as shallow because they pick a man based on his wealth, his stability and security to provide for her and her family.Does that mean all is lost for women because men are so shallow? Women will pick hardworking men over rich and good looking men, and men will pick gentle, confident women with style over the prettiest ones.Women always have men knocking at their door, especially the pretty ones.

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