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In 1974, the company started producing its first product, an amplifier designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker called the "Sixty Five".It was a hybrid of tube and solid state technology.

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In December 1978, a two pickup bass was introduced called the Sabre (discontinued in 1991).Since Music Man didn't pay CLF Research until the instrument finishes were deemed acceptable, a rift developed between CLF and Music Man over payment. The company's internal conflicts caused Leo Fender to form another partnership.Paul Bechtoldt author of "G&L: Leo's Legacy" describes the situation: Leo had decided to market guitars under another name besides Music Man in 10/79 due to tension between CLF and Music Man.G&L (GEORGE AND LEO) was started at CLF behind Music Man's back and coincidence or other CLF made 2,500 Music man bass necks with straight truss rods.Tommy was forced to go to a young upstart Grover Jackson to make the basses.

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