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The news team and the whole studio remain oblivious throughout to the fact that anything being said or done is out of the ordinary.

A frustrated equipment manager wants to reverse the fortunes of the college’s loser football team and its winning cheerleader squad using Weaver Tunes, but a moment of confusion leads to wholly unforeseen, even more beneficial changes. However, one of the tracks he downloads from Weaver Tunes, a site whose free-to-download songs change the listener mentally and/or physically.

Now Emily, a young professional, is added to the mix.

Paul has been studying Hypnosis and inductions for years.It’s holiday season, and festive Mister Talv is throwing one of his famous parties. To make his events that extra little bit special, he always lays on unusual and memorable entertainment for his ‘guests’. Ben, a man of great power and few boundaries, ends up at a party and begins to make some changes.While he’s there he learns a lesson about himself - and teaches a few reality altering lessons of his own.Jerold, a big fan of online Mind Control stories, tries his hand at it, hypnotizing Wendy to make her his slave.Unfortunately, he finds out that things are seldom as they are in stories, and being hypnotized is not the same thing as having no will of your own...

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