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If you didn’t already know it, we now live in a consumer society driven by easy short-term unsecured debt.

Most of this is denoted in the form of credit card debt, with nearly all of us having to-hand more than one credit card on which to call when the kids want those new sports shoes.

***Dividends are calculated by the average daily balance of at least ,000.00 and earn an APY of 1%.

To improve your score, it’s important to know what affects your score in the first place.

The lower your loan-to-value percentage, the less “risk” you are to a lender (meaning that if you stop making payments for whatever reason, your home’s value should be enough to pay back the mortgage when the home is sold).

You may be able to secure a lower interest rate based on your low-risk profile.

Increase Your Monthly Payment Insurance The Value of Your Future Earnings Calculate Your Life Insurance Needs Calculate Your Disability Insurance Needs Calculate Your Long Term Care Needs Save for Long Term Care Reach Your Health Savings Account Goal Health Savings Acct.

You may have been hearing that it’s a good time to buy that home you’ve dreamed about or refinance that high interest rate mortgage into a lower interest rate.

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