Consolidating school districts texas

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This might include building a new school for two districts that merge, or paying off the debt of a school to make it more attractive as a merger partner.

The Governor’s office notes that the incentive model has been tried in the past with only limited success, presumably leaving the state with forced consolidation as the primary method.

Many communities will fight to maintain local control over their schools, and will resent any effort to remove or weaken their influence on their children’s education.

Even if there are many administrators who make more than the Governor, they will not be the only layoffs to occur as a result of consolidation.

This ex post facto quantitative study examines the fiscal efficiency of small, rural, consolidated school districts by comparing per-pupil expenditures with matched non-consolidated school districts in the state of Texas.

These costs will continue to rise as the cost of gasoline rises, which seems likely to continue over the long term.Descriptors: School District Reorganization, School Districts, Rural Schools, Influences, Statistical Analysis, Expenditure per Student, Efficiency, Financial Problems, Academic Achievement, Comparative Analysis, Elementary School Students, Middle School Students, Grade 5, Grade 8, Educational Finance, Correlation, Statistical Significance Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and the state’s legislators are considering the consolidation of school districts in order to save the state money.Expenditure and student achievement data for Absorbing and Joining districts were collected for the ten-year period from 1999 to 2009.A paired samples t-test measured differences in the district's efficiency, and the Lawshe-Baker Normative t-test measured differences in student achievement.

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