Colorado dating laws

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Also note that there are over 3000 counties in the U. It is entirely possible that rain water harvesting may be subject to additional laws not found on the state government websites.

Also note that in Texas, the right to harvest rain water is actually protected by law.

From the document titled: “Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality Regulation LW-2 SURFACE WATER AND GROUNDWATER USE AND PROTECTION Adopted by the Commission on Environmental Quality June 24, 2004 Amended by the Commission on Environmental Quality January 26, 2006 Amended by the Commission on Environmental Quality December 10, 2009” I found the following information: There are strict regulations on surface water, and ground water usage starting on page 8 at the preceding link.

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16 at Grand Bay NERR” Its highly unlikely that the state government would recommend this if it was illegal to set up rain barrels.Several notes of caution: in some cases there may be good reasons for prohibiting rain water harvesting by individuals.This may not have anything to do with “government ownership of rain”, and everything to do with public safety.I’ve included links to the info used for each state below.(Corrections accepted with a link to the source.) Thanks to Andre for corrections regarding Ohio, and Georgia, September 21, 2014.

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