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This means you may have to wait six or more weeks until your SAT scores are accepted and processed by your schools.And if you'll be ordering additional score reports, you can expect an even longer waiting period of around seven or eight weeks.future SAT test dates with projections for the next three years!Once you've decided on an SAT test date, your next step is to register for it!The SAT testing year follows the school year, running from the end of summer (August) to the beginning of summer (June).The exam is As you can see from the tables, there are more SAT test dates in autumn than there are in spring.More important than anything else, you should know exactly when your college application deadlines are — and should therefore choose an SAT test date that'll for sure get your scores to your schools in time.Most regular decision deadlines are around January 1, and most early action deadlines are November 1 or 15.

But by asking yourself the following four questions, you’ll be able to select the best SAT test date for you in no time!Before choosing an SAT test date, calculate how much time you’ll need to study in order to hit your goal score.A solid SAT study schedule generally lasts three to six months and ranges from 10 to 150 total study hours, depending on the number of points by which you want to improve your baseline score.(A baseline score is the score you get on an official SAT practice test before beginning any SAT prep.) Below are our estimates for the number of prep hours required to make the following total point improvements on the SAT: As you can see, smaller point improvements require significantly fewer study hours than larger point improvements. For example, if you’ve got three months before test day and want to improve by 100 points (40 study hours), you could study for a half hour every day decide how to arrange your study schedule—just try not to wear yourself out!Finally, don't choose an SAT date that'll conflict with any major commitments you have.

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