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Now the soldiers withdrew and, along with the attending rifleman, picked up their weapons from the stack.The crowd filled in the spaces around the casket and hushed.He sprays his cum all over the ladies and it dribbles down their chins. Don Collins stood in the sun and mapped out in his mind a rectangle on the grass, eight feet by three feet.He set aside the sod and then eased a small Kubota backhoe off his trailer and onto a couple of large sheets of plywood he'd laid down to protect the surrounding ground and the vaults beneath it.The plywood creaked when he anchored the machine and pushed the teeth of the scoop into the dirt.

The seven soldiers stood in a stiff line and fired three volleys each.

This is a part of the ritual they practice again and again. When the shots are scattered—"popcorn," the soldiers call it—they've failed, and they will be mad at themselves for a long time after.

On this day, with news cameras and hundreds of sets of sad eyes trained on them, they were perfect.

The vault was made by a Chicago company, Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc., designed specifically for soldiers killed in Iraq: The Operation Iraqi Freedom vault is made of precast concrete lined with Trilon, and its lid is adorned with a lithograph depicting scenes from the war in Iraq, including Saddam's statue falling.

Earlier, the lid had been propped up on display for the mourners, who included fifteen or so young men wearing Nine Inch Nails T-shirts.

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