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For one of Benedict’s wealthy ancestors, a plantation owner called Lawrence Trent Cumberbatch, ended up fathering a child through an extra-marital affair with one of his female slaves.

This revelation — which we shall explore later — is particularly ironic given the plot of 12 Years A Slave, based on the memoir of Solomon Northup, a 19th-century black musician who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in the Deep South.

You can still see, in Abraham senior’s 1750 will, a hint of the degree to which human beings were treated as beasts of burden.

One paragraph stipulates: ‘My plantation be kept staffed with 250 negro slaves and 150 head of cattle.’In 1816, by which time the plantations had passed through the hands of Abraham Carleton and his son, also Abraham (1754-96), and were owned by Abraham Parry Cumberbatch (born 1794), a slave called Bussa led a bloody rebellion.‘Furniture of every description, rum, sugar, wine, corn, and every species of food which had been stored were promiscuously scattered in the roads and fields near to dwelling houses,’ recalled Edward Codd, a British soldier, in a letter home to London.

His role as a slave owner in the new film, as well as his part as William Pitt the Younger in Amazing Grace, a movie about slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce, attest to his sense of shame.

Indeed, he said at the time of making Amazing Grace that the role was a ‘sort of apology’ for his ancestry.

‘The rapidity and destruction evinced the fury of the insurgents.’In the two months the uprising lasted, Bussa and an estimated 1,000 of his fellow slaves were killed.

She would become the unmarried Lawrence’s lover and produce his only son, John Edward Cumberbatch, who was born in 1800 when his father was 46.‘It happened wherever there was slavery,’ says Newton. The children of these unions were known as “reputed” or “natural” children in legal contexts such as wills.’John Edward Cumberbatch would, in turn, become the patriarch of another noteworthy Cumberbatch clan.In his will, the hugely valuable estate was therefore left to Abraham Carleton (born in 1726 to his daughter Ann, and Benedict’s fifth-great-grandfather) — but only on the condition that he agreed to change his surname to Cumberbatch.Of course, like any colonial sugar fortune of the era, the family wealth derived squarely from the brutal and exploitative system of slavery.The Cumberbatch family first arrived in Barbados in the 1690s, when Joshua Cumberbatch, Benedict’s eighth-great-grandfather, left the family home near Bristol and emigrated to the island with his wife, Ann, and three children. At the time, younger sons of wealthy families (who did not typically stand to inherit vast riches), would often decide to venture to the New World in search of a fortune.But for those fortunate enough to survive, extreme riches beckoned.

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