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Angel Love joined the show while things were starting to get a little tensed between them, however, as per her interview with VH1, the couple eventually split and Angel is currently a single mother, who is doing great on her own after she moved to LA.

Regardless, this is not the first time Angle has gone through heartbreak as she has faced situations worse than she breaks up with boyfriend De Juan Blair.

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He told me later he didn't mean for it to be like that, and I told him I knew.

Got all caught up with everyone's life, had an old school shopping trip just like back in the day. Then for dinner Jeff and I had date night and we used our groupon to this wine bar in Roncesvalle. I know it'll take some more time, it took a co-worker 6 months to find something, so I know this is normal. After that we went over to a friends for their super bowl party.

The first part of the meal was great, but the main which was a cheese fondu we both hated. So now I'm thinking maybe we need to look at other area's since right now there's nothing opening up in the area we're looking for. Basically I sat around for the rest of the afternoon eating and watching football.

Recently, in an interview with VH1 yesterday, Angle revealed that she was once a married woman.

Having the same story as Angel Brinks, a fellow cast member in Basketball Wives, she also poured out her side of the story which was not shown on the show.

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