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i ONE Digital’s provocative platform, CASSIUS, closes the summer with the exciting SEX X SPORTS issue featuring conversations about body image, the politics of sports, the power of sex and the intangibles of winning.CASSIUS is proud to announce former reality TV favorite turned entrepreneur and actress, Draya Michele, as the digital magazine’s first cover girl.The crowd is more into it which in turn makes you more into it.Plus they give out free noise makers and prompt you to use them which also gets you into the game.I just felt like, I tried so so hard, spent so much time and energy into it and he couldn't even say anything nice about it. Which I know he wasn't saying to be mean or hurtful, it was just the mood I was in and the way I took it. Jeff already made a reservation for our Valentine's Day dinner, yay! Dinner at this apparently really good steakhouse, then movie time to watch The Vow because I really want it. He told me later he didn't mean for it to be like that, and I told him I knew. Visit connect via social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @cassiuslife.Angel Love who is often recognized as a rookie in the Basketball Wives LA is undoubtedly too charming and beautiful for any man out there.

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While others tend to focus on Draya Michele’s beauty, which is undeniable, CASSIUS is proud to cover her as a whole woman, which also includes her being a mother, fiance, business mogul and inspiration to many.

It is not revealed when the couple split, but according to her Instagram post, Angel was with her boyfriend till 2015.

Caption: Angel love with ex-boyfriend De Juan Blair and daughter Heaven Love during Halloween of 2015.

"When I first met Angel [Brinks], us having sort of similar background as far as our baby fathers playing in the NBA, I remember her telling me that she was once married and her guy committed suicide and it was so ironic that I had that same story as well.

[My guy], we were dating for maybe two years, we got married, then three months later he committed suicide.

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