Autocad block attributes not updating

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I have edited one of our title blocks and replaced some of the information (Project number, fiscal year, sheet, and total sheets) that were attributes to a line of mtext with a field in each location.Making the drawing I was able to get the fields to update, but now that I have inserted the drawing into another as a Titleblock, the fields are staying the same as when I defined them.Other fields that just pull data from drawing properties like file name, date, etc.. Other fields that just pull data from drawing properties like file name, date, etc.. I've tried creating the fields 4 different ways, but I'm really struggling: Method 1: Create an attribute using attdef and defining a field in the Default box.Method 2: Same as Method 1, but I then create a block that contains everything in my title block (lines, mtext, attributes, etc.).Thanks Daryl Standrich Fields can be in any text-based object.Your confusion is resulting from attempting to use an MText object inside a block to accommodate word-wrap.I have changed the values in the properties of the sheet set but the only way that I see that they update is when I explode the block. Can someone please shed some light on what I am doing wrong? At first I had started to leave them as attributes, but then read something about them being able to override them where as mtext they could not be overwritten. So by this rule a "plot stamp" that I have made at the left edge of my titleblock will need to be an attribute also?If I want it to be two lines, then do I need two attributes?

When the comma-delimited file is exported from Access (figure 2), it includes the headings. LSP relies on the block name being in the first column, and the LOCATION and ADDRESS strings in columns 5 and 6, respectively.If someone over writes the attribute, then does the next time the fields are updated will it put the correct data back in?Sorry for all the questions but I do really appreciate the help.Auto CAD 2016, Auto CAD Architecture 2016, Auto CAD Civil 3D 2016, Auto CAD Electrical 2016, Auto CAD MEP 2016, Auto CAD Map 3D 2016, Auto CAD Mechanical 2016, Auto CAD P&ID 2016, Auto CAD Plant 3D 2016, Auto CAD Structural Detailing 2016, & Auto CAD Utility Design 2016 You can also use the Properties palette within the Block Editor to update the definition of a selected attribute.You can modify many of the same properties that you can change in the Block Attribute Manager, but cannot change the order of the prompts, or how the definition update is applied.

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