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Gay “recruits” will be treated to party nights and gay rewards as missions are accomplished. Aiken came out publicly several years after his appearance on the series. Davis did not come out until years after her season had concluded.

Tim Gunn Jay Mc Carroll (season 1) Santino Rice (season 2) Christian Siriano (season 4) Jack Mackenroth (season 4) Anthony Ryan Auld (season 9) Bert Keeter (season 9) Bryce Black (season 9) Joshua Mc Kinley (season 9) Rafael Cox (season 9) Viktor Luna (season 9) David Chum (season 9) Gunnar Deatherage (season 9)Jay Manuel J. Noriega appeared on the sixth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race as Adore Delano.

“We could see that Tyler stopped, he came back, he made sure I could get through it.

Some of the other blind dating teams didn’t do that.

Ru Paul Lady Bunny Nina Flowers (season 1) Tammie Brown (season 1) Ongina (seasons 1—2) Shannel Pandora Boxx Jujubee Raven Morgan Mc Michaels Tyra Sanchez (season 2) Bebe Zahara Benet (season 1) Carmen Carrera (season 3) Mariah (season 2) Latrice Royale Chad Michaels Raja Alexis Mateo Delta Work Sharon Needles Willam Ru Paul chooses from among drag queens to decide who will be "the next drag superstar". His bisexuality is acknowledged later in the series by another character Taylor who in an interview makes remarks about his bisexuality. Ronnie had a bromance with straight fellow model Ben Di Chiara. After their respective seasons, Zuly and Rocky dated, as did Jenniffer and Blu.

We kind of surprised each other each step of the way with how well we were able to perform.”On the disadvantages of racing with a stranger:“I was really nervous because we weren’t going to be able to figure out a strategy beforehand,” says Laura. On how the season would have worked out if they were paired with some of the other blind date contestants:“Oh, God, I’m sorry, I have to say Jeff,” says Laura. I think he’s a nice guy but I don’t think we would’ve clicked as well. If he wasn’t able to figure out how to get that relationship going, I’m not too confident that I could have.”On their favorite moments from the race:“Driving a monster truck was by far my favorite thing,” says Tyler. It was the most incredible feeling.”“I absolutely loved being in Namibia,” says Laura. ”“I did some research, and there’s this mud festival in July,” says Tyler. That’s when I’m going to South Korea.”On the future of Team So Cal:“We’re still falling in love with the world,” says Laura.“We’re definitely still friends,” adds Tyler.

I think that’s why we ended third in the first challenge.

We had this great teamwork that we already had right off the bat.”On the advantages of racing with a stranger:“Obviously you’re on good behavior in the beginning, so you’re trying to do a good job, but you’re also doing a lot of this for yourself,” says Laura. Those were all things that would be difficult to figure out. There’s some stuff you have to figure out very, very quickly.

Due to the demands from fans and his unexpected popularity, Harry was made a secondary cast member in series 2 and appeared in the opening credits.

Joel Derfner (season 1) Sahil Farooqi (season 1) David Munk (season 1) Nathan Hale Williams (season 1) Jared Allman (season 2) Peter Depp (season 2) Shane Stevens (season 2) Brent Oscar Young (season 2)Series follows author and advertising executive Kilmer-Purcell and his partner Ridge, a former Martha Stewart Omnimedia executive and geriatric physician, as they work to convert their weekend farm into a profitable brand, Beekman 1802. Shawn had been married to a man for eight years as of the taping.

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