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Mustafina's four-event arsenal is so well balanced it's hard to pick a favorite event to watch her on, and a win so convincing and undeniable as hers gives a satisfying sense of closure to a competition.

She has established herself and her Russian teammates as the absolute gymnasts to watch over the next two years—and the gymnasts to beat.

2007: "Sahra Saidi" 2008: "The Blue Danube" 2010: "Por Una Cabeza" 2009–2010: "Hijo de la Luna" 2011: "Hood Jump" 2012: "Final Hour" 2013: "Queen of Hearts" 2013: "Soulseeker" (World Championships) 2014: "Ancient Lands" and "Runaway" (partially included in the used mix) 2015: "My Way" 2016: Mix with "Moscow Nights" and "Consuelo (Vals para Mimi)"; born 30 September 1994) is an artistic gymnast from Russia.

She is the 2010 world champion in the all-around, the 20 Olympic uneven bars champion, and a seven-time Olympic medalist.

Mustafina competed at the American Cup in Jacksonville, Florida, in March.

She finished second, with an all-around score of 59.831, after leading for three-quarters of the competition but falling on floor exercise, the last event.

In event finals, she placed fourth on uneven bars, scoring 14.475, and fourth on floor, scoring 14.375.

In November, she competed in the senior division at the Massilia Cup in Marseille.

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In addition to leading her teammates to their country's first world title as an independent nation, Mustafina has delivered one of the great performances by a female gymnast ever—capturing the very same artistry, difficulty, and competitive composure that made her Soviet predecessors so beloved and revered.She placed sixth in the all-around with a score of 57.300; fourth on vault, scoring 13.950; and second on floor, scoring 14.925.At the end of the month, she competed at the 2010 European Championships in Birmingham, where she contributed an all-around score of 58.175 toward the Russian team's first-place finish and placed second on uneven bars, scoring 15.050; second on balance beam, scoring 14.375; and eighth on floor, scoring 13.225. Laurence Olivier and Marlon Brando may seem to be at opposite sides of the acting spectrum, but taking pointers from both can lead to a three-dimensional performance. How to Find an Acting Class in NYC New York is a big city with a ton to offer, and acting classes here are no different.If you don’t come prepared, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, so the key is to come up with a game plan and stay focused. Read on for Backstage’s guide to finding acting classes in the city that never sleeps.

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