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It was hot that day and she remembers him drenched in sweat and just a pig in so many ways.She said she has talked to actors who didn't even get to act in a movie directed by the director but were still hired to help develop the back story of the adult actors because they might use some flashback shots.In addition to many other pairings that are quite typical.Ichigo/Grimmjow seems to be a typical pairing of the fanon, given the duo's similar personalities and of course the fact that Grimmjow is pretty much Ichigo's Evil Counterpart.The origin of the term predates the World Wide Web, going back to 1960s fanfic writers, specifically those interested in , who wrote "Kirk/Spock" fiction, pronounced "Kirk Slash Spock".

Such fics are often called Pre Slash or slash-if-you-squint.

When the helicopter landed, that permanent A lister was waiting there with the director.

Also there was another actor from the movie who is probably B list today.

The most common definition of Slash is a Fan Fic that pairs two (or more) characters of the same sex.

Often, "slash" is used for male/male pairings only, with "femslash" or "femmeslash" are used to define a female/female pairing (sing an "x" symbol between the names works too).

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