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BE: I had an opportunity to interview Tom Jones last year, and he spoke very fondly of the fact that Carlton danced to his music on “The Fresh Prince,” because it brought him to a demographic that hadn’t necessarily paid any attention to him before. Well, y’know, I always wondered how he felt about that, so that’s pretty cool. Yeah, I’d been on “Silver Spoons” before that, but, obviously, “The Fresh Prince” was one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had. I see cast members all the time, and we still get together.I hang out with Will (Smith) a bunch, and we’ve worked together in different capacities. BE: Have you contributed to any of the DVD releases of the show? BE: Oh, well, I meant commentaries or that sort of thing. () I kind of look as the past as the past, and I always want to move forward.

Ribeiro along with Witney Carson won the competition “Dancing with the Stars” (season 19). But then I went to film school and really learned to understand film, the world of directing as a whole, and all of the different aspects to what I needed to do.So, since coming back from film school, I’ve put it into play and started working hard to get these jobs.BE: In hindsight, can you tell the difference between the style of directors who’ve been actors themselves and those who haven’t? I believe that, working with those directors, the key to a director who’s been an actor is that they understand the process and what the actor has to go through to achieve success with their job.But one of the things that I’ve found about some of those is that they didn’t do the homework as far as understanding the cameras and the technical side.

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