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I didnt really know that for sure when I tried, but it made sense, and it worked. it really gets me that Brother would actually STOP me from printing until I go out and spend 0 on their overpriced toner. I could deal with an annoying reminder, but total inability to use the printer in unacceptable IMHO (especially when their customer service is trained not to give you the real answer your looking for...) - unknown Thank you so much, hagan for posting the reset menu directions for the HL 4040!! I assume my toner is actually getting pretty low so I just turned the gear back a little bit, and the toner light turned off, and the printer prints. The printer will briefly show Accepted for each reset.

So I am fairly sure that is the "window" you should be trying to cover. I could deal with an annoying reminder, but total inability to use the printer in unacceptable IMHO (especially when their customer service is trained not to give you the real answer your looking for...) - unknown I know it's a little late with this but I'm a fellow HL-4040 CN owner and just wanted to extend my gratitude. I taped the sides, tried other reset methods, etc... I'm on my second cartridge (1st was the starter and now I have the high capacities in) and am already sitting at 8900 pages printed. I bouught a new toner cartridge and after installing it the printer would not work. I followed your procedure and reinstalled the printer driver software. MFC-9320: I used the instructions that "Bret So Cal" posted and it worked like a charm. After doing this, I am still printing on all four of the starter cartidges and I did not cover any windows with tape or any of that stuff.

There were eight total, four on each side of the printer. When that happened, I took it to a Cartridge World store and asked if the starter cartridge would work if refilled and was told that it would. (Which before doing the electrical tape/sharpie trick, I could not do) Having said all that, the best solution was the one that I adapted from "Brett So Cal"'s post from June of 2008.

This process continues until the maximum charge can no longer be accepted by the toner. I believe the above sequence clears the toner for Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan for the High capacity or Standard capacity toner cartridge. Open the front cover and leave open while completing the following steps.2. (I suppose to them, that must mean that I spend my waking hours converting white sheets of paper to black construction paper) Anyway, I digress.Got into the reset menu and got hand so onwhat does the S and the H stand forwhich do you resethow do you find the drum, laser, fuser, etc. (I put the yellow in black, and so on had em all print like they were black, so i knew they were fine.) Now i'm back to printing in wonderful color, and don't have to replace the cartrages for the insano amount of $$ yet. Been through a couple cartridges so far, I can see toner in there but no go. I will paste the directions below that someone posted earlier so that you can follow his step by step instructions on how to reset each color two times.- Anonymous Did as you instructed and feel like I should send you a check for not allowing brother to continue ripping me off. It really pissed me off to see the toner moving around in there plus the cartridges are still heavy! You guys are all geniuses and deserver a medal of honor. - unknown The trick posted by hagan worked like a charm on my 4040. Now my MFC 9320CW works so that I can be more efficent with the toner that is STILL in the cartridge and get more out of it!!No one seemed to have model numbers close to mine (4070cdw)Then I saw this and thought the numbers were close enough. I love Brother printers but I wish they would let US determine when the toner needs to be replaced instead of a stupid printer! There are vertical smudges all the way down each page. and since it would not print with this step only, I had to (while it is open) press the Clear/Back button and then the "ok" button and then follow the instuctions on the display screen to "Reset" it.If anyone has any better fixes (apart from buying a new toner cartridge), please keep posting them here! - unknown I tried the black tape over the holes on both sides of the tray, lights still flashed. Thanks for fiddling around, worked great for me and now i can use the tonor cartrages i knew were good. I changedthe old toner cartridges, since they had been refilled,and I thought that was it. No matter how many times I clean it up, clean the wires,shake off the cartridges, it just keeps on. (option #1)Don't forget to do this same reset step for each color twice.

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