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Previously I naively purchased a new Drum, although I did feel wasting great hardware... The tricks large companies do are crazy but making us throw away technology and create tons of waste for money but for now real reason is sickening. Then reset the drum counter, just as you are told to when installing a new drum. This worked for my brother hl 4070 cdw toner life end error message. Please advise I allready replace the tone it still won't come off and it won't print. The printouts had all been perfect, no lightening, or ANYTHING, and i just KNEW there was still toner in that cartridge (I could HEAR it shaking the cartridge! Long story short, read the excellent post here, took a piece of scotch tape and carefully covered the hole over the sensor window on the non gear side, and then took a black permanent marker and colored in the tape over the sensor. I am now getting some "background" dusting / gray that is pretty evenly distributed over the entire printable area page.

I have a TN550 cartridge which was refusing to print, and indeed the gear was at the stopping point. On the gear side take off 2 screws, the flag gear (on the tn550) is the black gear on top right side, with a small spring underneath. The drum gets its toner from the developer and if the developer runs out of toner it can make lines on drum that the only fix is a new drum.Last time I bought a new printer because it was cheaper than replacing the toner. Read all your notes and found the "eyes" are little light/windows that are flashing inside this printer. I bought this printer so I could print double sided and save trees only to discover now I am throwing away toner cartridges. I initially tried to cover the hole, and it did nothing, but resetting everything worked, and I'm hoping for results as great as everybody else has had. - unknown As for the 4040CDN This worked for me after the failed tape attempt. REPOST: As a fledgling "work arounder", I discovered that by covering up the sensors, I failed to stop the "beep beep beep" and exclamation point demanding I replace the toner cartridge.I had to take out the toner tray that holds 4 cartridges and I put tape over the little eyes on both sides. Thanks Hagan For the toner life reset menu:1 Open the front cover of the printer2 press and hold the cancel button3 press the reprint button while still holding cancel- here is the reset menu - go to the appropriate cartridge on- the menu and reset it and you're done! Pressing the "Go" button and the up arrow gives you the parts life reset menu (drum, laser, fuser, etc.) - unknown I have a Brother HL-2170W printer, which has worked fine and printed what seemed like a reasonable number of pages for a starter cartridge before the "Toner" light came on. WHat I DID discover was that even though it beeped and made its demands, that I could continue to print!I am also I want to know how the component mix of a print job-vectors, text and bit maps affect toner use. This is not just a minor issue, this is a HUGE and deliberate misrepresentation.What is the mix of iso documents used to establish yield? If the drum and toner are the same part this is fine and I do this at home as well but I have seen the problem in doing this hack.

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