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In some cases we're forced to create our own filter, but that may be rather complicated and tedious.However many cases can be solved by using one standard filter which is part of Direct Show itself: Sample Grabber.This approach doesn't use require an unsafe block, and this is what I did here.My video effect is simple: I want to invert each pixel's intensity without changing its color.

The idea is simple: make a graph where video stream flows from the camera through sample grabber to a video renderer.

Here's an example of using it to implement a video effect and apply it to a stream of video from a web camera.

This short tutorial will basically repeat my previous post but this time we'll use C# instead of C .

Now, the changes I need to make in the code are pretty simple.

First, there is a lot of code in Build Graph function initializing media type for video stream format to be passed to Set Format, not all of those details are required, the most important ones are media type, subtype and resolution.

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